Pick of the Week: Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves

It’s Monday which means that is it is Pick of the Week time again. This week’s costume has been inspired the story of Robin Hood and old medieval stories. Ezije has explained below why they have chosen this costume for their pick of the week.

“The pick of the week is the Prince of Thieves costume. Included in this costume is the belt, quiver, gloves, boot covers and hooded shirt. I chose this costume because I love Robin hood. I think he is an amazing character to have been created. Everything about him makes you love him more. The costume is so amazing in and out of the packaging. The green and brown that are on the costume give a great camo look to anyone that wants to hide in the forest. The second reason why I chose this costume is probably the more dominant reason. Growing up I played the Legend of Zelda a lot. The main character in it is called Link. He is a young boy who is chosen as the hero of the land. Any gamer will no who he is with a mention of his name. The costume is extremely identical to the hero clothes from the games. That is why I have chosen this as my pick of the week.”


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