Pick of the Week: Toxic Ivy

It is time for a new staff pick of the week. This week’s pick is the Toxic Ivy costume which is inspired by supervillain Poison Ivy. Check out below why Amy picked this costume as the pick of the week. 

toxic ivy

“This weeks pick of the week has been chosen. I have picked Toxic Ivy. This costume was chosen because it is a replica of Poison Ivy from Batman. The costume is a very reasonable price compared to what you would pay online! Any batman fans will be very impressed with this particular costume. Included is a beautiful two piece outfit. The top is a corset of the emerald green covered in ivy. The bottom half is a short emerald green skirt a shade just a hint darker than the top. You also get green gloves that are elbow length and add a hint of elegance thats attributed with Poison Ivy. Of course the costume would not be complete without the Ivy eyebrows that dominate the top half of your face in a villainess style. All thats left to add yourself would be a beautiful pair of gold shoes. Growing up I always loved Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman. This costume is the essence of her all in one! She was composed, self assured and excuse the language but extremely bad ass! You fans better be quick tho because we only have one in store and we have had a lot of interested people looking at it! I envy the person that buys this amazing costume”.

Also, Poison Ivy is best friends with fellow supervillain Harley Quinn which is another great costume that we have in stock. That’s another idea if you and your bestie are looking for some cool costumes this Halloween.


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