Top 5 Lazy but Clever Halloween Costumes

Are you one of those people that dreads having to shop for a Halloween costume every October and would rather make the least amount of effort needed to make a costume so that you could still attend the coolest Halloween parties? If yes to all of that, then this blog post is just for you!

5- Error 404

You know that annoying Error 404 notice you get sometimes while browsing online, well why not become that annoyance for Halloween. It’s possibly one of the easiest costumes you could ever plan on making as all you need is a black sharpie and a white t-shirt. Write “Error 404” on the middle of the shirt and write underneath it “Costume Not Found”.

Take a Sharpie to a plain white tee and you get a 404 Error.

4 – The Ladybug

This costume is a suitable last minute effort for both adults and kids. All you need is some red clothing such as a dress, skirt, top or whatever you prefer and then attach (sew or glue) some circles of black material on to the red clothing. You can then finish off the costume with a pair of antenna.

Stick black dots on a red outfit and you, my friend, are now a ladybug.

3 – Ceiling Fan

No, you don’t have to put together an elaborate costume and hang off the ceiling at every party. You just have to get a white t-shirt and either use a sharpie to draw on the words “Go Ceiling” or even get “Go Ceiling” printed on a t-shirt if you have the time. Your words of support and encouragement for every ceiling at every party you attend is bound to make you a legit ‘Ceiling Fan’.

Another great play on words: ceiling fan.

2 – The Tourist 

Want to look like your new to this part of the world this Halloween and just want to check out the best of everything it has to offer. Well that’s simple, all you need is a t-shirt, sunglasses, a camera and the weirdest looking fannypack you can find. Also looking enthusiastic about everything really adds to the costume.

Add a fanny pack to literally any outfit you already have and you're instantly a tourist.

1 – Bouncers

This costume is perfect for a group of lads who couldn’t really be bothered putting too much effort into a costume. All you need is some black clothing such as black shoes, pants and tshirts. Some sunglasses, mock ear-pieces and stand at some rope at the entrance of every party and you have made the costume complete.

All it takes to be bouncers are black suits, sunglasses, and a rope running between you.


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