Staff Pick of the Week: Michael Myers from Halloween

This week’s Staff Pick of the Week is the Michael Myers costume. It’s less than two weeks until Halloween so what better costume to pick than one of a crazed serial killer. It has everything you need in a Halloween costume this year! Check out below why Amy picked this costume as this week’s staff pick of the week.

Mike Myers

“The pick of the week has been chosen as Michael Myers from Halloween. I cant think of a better costume to pick this close to his favorite day! For me growing up it was a ritual done every year to watch the Halloween movies on Marathon close to Halloween. He is a warped serial killer and super creepy, you cant help but get a pang of horror when the music played and he came on the tv. Am I the only person who shouts at the people on the screen to run away from him and not into attics or basements? The costume itself does him great justice. Included is his mask, knife and his famous boilersuit. Sizes include medium and large. We also sell his knife and mask on their own. The mask itself is enough to scare even the hardiest of men! This movie has sewn itself into history as one of the creepiest, goriest and frankly one of the ¬†greatest movies of our time. It would be a sin to not have a few Michael Myers walking around this Halloween. You better be quick tho, he is proving to be popular in the shop and we wont have many left the closer to Halloween we get!”

Check out the trailer below of the original Halloween movie from 1978.


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