Beginners Guide to using Face Paints this Halloween

Whether you are putting together a costume for yourself or for your child, face paints can bring the entire look together. Although, most people aren’t sure how to go about using face paints and wouldn’t know where to start. Don’t worry this blog post will run through some basic steps on how to create certain looks using face paints. Just take your time and follow the steps and you can become a face paint pro this Halloween.


Dracula is a popular one in Ireland this Halloween thanks to the Bram Stoker festival in Dublin and Hotel Transylvania 2 has just hit the cinemas. The key to looking like a credible vampire is to look as pale as possible and less is more with this look.

  • Using a damp sponge, cover the whole face with a base coat of Light Grey.
  • Mix a darker grey by adding a little Black to the Light Grey and sponge on the dark patches around and above the eyes, on the side of the nose and on the cheeks and chin.
  • Add the detailing with a brush. First using White paint, then using Black paint, draw thin lines from the corner of the eyes, on the upper cheeks under the eyes and on the lower cheeks from the corner of the nose.
  • With White paint, add fangs at each corner of the mouth, and outline with Black.
  • Using Black, draw on exaggerated eyebrows on the forehead.
  • Using Red paint, draw a thin line under each eye, paint the bottom lip and add drips of blood from the fangs.



Witches are a classic Halloween choice and kids love to become witches thanks to popular movies like Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus. It is possible to become a witch without using face paints as most young girls will want to look like Hermione Granger but if you want to go for a spooky Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West look then you have to use plenty of green face paints.

  • Using a damp sponge, apply a layer of Dark Green paint all over the face as a base, leaving the area around the eyes.
  • Using a brush and Dark Grey paint, fill in the upper eyebrow areas, adding a line of dots over each brow.
  • Add 2 dots on each upper cheek area.
  • Draw a large dot in the centre of the right cheek, this will be the body of the spider.
  • Using Black paint, draw a thick line over each eyebrow adding long lashes rising up between the grey dots.
  • Add a line under each eye and crease lines at the outer corners.
  • On the left cheek, draw a cobweb using fine lines.
  • On the right cheek, complete the spider by outlining the grey dot and adding 3 legs on each side.
  • Paint the lips and add a dot on the end of the nose, just off-centre.



Zombies are becoming increasingly popular thanks to hit TV show The Walking Dead and this means that there will be plenty of zombies walking around this Halloween. The key to looking like a credible zombie is to walk very slowly, wear raggedy clothes and your face paint must make your face look like it’s decaying. It’s really a look that can only be pulled off at Halloween.

  • Sponge lime green on face leaving a balloon shape area on one side of mouth for teeth.
  • With sponge dab black on eyes blending out & dragging down on cheek area.
  • Sponge balloon shape by mouth with black , as well as the temples , under the cheekbones & under the chin.
  • At top of nostrils create teardrop shape by pressing brush on top of nostril by cheek & pull towards tip of nose to make nostril look bigger.
  • With a brush dab & drag red to create cuts & blood along forehead & down nose.
  • Add blood around the inside of the mouth balloon shape to look like red gums & with loaded brush dab red dripping out of mouth & down neck.
  • With a brush make dabs of white for teeth & paint some Xs over cuts to look like stitches.
  • Using black again on a fine brush outline white stitches & draw a line around ballooned mouth to define it.


If you have mastered all of these face paints and are feeling like a pro, why not challenge yourself to try out this Skeleton Face Paint tutorial.


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