Ireland’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2015

The most popular Halloween costumes this year are being massively influenced by movies and comic books this year. If you are unsure about what costume you may opt for this weekend or are you trying to have a unique costume by avoiding being cliche with your costume. Either way, this is definitely the blog post for you.

5 – Batman 

Batman is in fifth place this year and has possibly grown in popularity due to the anticipation of the release of both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016. The Batman costume is iconic as the all black costume is known all over the world. We have a Deluxe Batman costume available at Fun Place now.

batman costume 2

4 – Pirate

Pirates are always popular every Halloween but in recent years they have been increasingly popular due to the massive success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp is massively popular the last few years. Here at Fun Place, we have great Pirate accessories to help you put your Pirate costume together.

3 – Superhero

Superhero costumes keep growing in popularity thanks to the huge amount of fans The Avengers movies and TV shows such as Flash, Supergirl and Arrow. We have incredible Superman and Supergirl costumes available now.

Superman costume 2


2 – Star Wars

Star wars was always going to be near the top of the pile this Halloween thanks to the new Star Wars film being released in December 2015. The highly anticipated movie has made Star Wars costumes, accessories and merchandise massively popular this Halloween and Christmas. We have Star Wars costumes and masks available at Fun Place.


Stormtrooper costumes 2

1 – Harley Quinn

Once the Suicide Squad trailer was released this summer, Harley Quinn has become a massive hit among movie fans and comic book readers. The once girlfriend of The Joker and best friend of Poison Ivy is going to be one of the most popular characters in Hollywood in 2016. Expect massive things from the Suicide Squad movie next year. The great thing about Harley Quinn costume is you can become the traditional Harley Quinn or opt for her new Suicide Squad look. We have a deluxe Harley Quinn costume available at Fun Place now.

Harley Quinn


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