DIY: Make Your own John Lennon Costume

The Beatles Festival takes place in Dublin this weekend and it is bound to bring plenty of fun and 60’s style nostalgia to the city. If you and some friends are attending the festival and are planning on dressing up in 60’s style clothing then this is the perfect blog post for you. Read on to find out how to transform into John Lennon for the weekend.

Young John Lennon 

To become a young John Lennon you will need a smart suit, preferably with a black pin striped suit like the one above. Complete the suit with a simple and skinny black tie. Make sure the suit and tie is well fitted and not too baggy so it will fit in with the classic 60’s fashion trends. Dressy black shoes will then complete the clothing. You will also need to be clean shaven while a proper 60’s style male brown wig will really complete the look. We have the best range of wigs in Dublin so call into Fun Place to find the perfect wig.

Older John Lennon

John Lennon became more unique and edgy with his style once the Beatles were well established and when he was a solo artist. The Imagine singer grew a beard, began to wear long and baggy clothes, grew his hair long and wore an iconic pair of glasses. To become the John Lennon from this era you will need white trousers, long white suit jacket, white polo-neck or shirt, brown belt and white shoes. To really complete this look you will need the iconic John Lennon glasses and a long brown messy wig and beard. Here at Fun Place Dublin we have the best range of accessories such as wigs and glasses so we are your number one option in the capital.

1970’s John Lennon

Lennon changed his look again in the 1970’s as he got rid of the beard and shortened his hair but he kept the iconic glasses. The singer’s style became a lot more casual as he was often spotted in denim jackets or army style jackets and jeans. To achieve this look you will need flared jeans, black/brown shoes, denim jacket with a t-shirt underneath. You will then need a 70’s style male brown short wig and the iconic John Lennon glasses which can all be purchases at Fun Place.


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