Staff Pick of the Week: Champagne Flapper Dress

It’s Monday again which means that it is time for this week’s Staff Pick of the Week. We have rolled it back to the 1920’s for this costume as this week’s selection is the “Champagne Flapper Dress”. Read below why Katie chose this costume as the Staff Pick of the Week.

Flapper Dress

“This week’s chosen costume is the champagne flapper dress which captures the heart and soul of the 1920s era. Since the 2013 movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby, directed by the avant garde and brilliant Baz Luhrman, the craze for 1920s themed parties, weddings etc.. has been all the rage. This costume would be the perfect outfit for any Gatsby themed event; hardly looking like a typical costume with its beautiful sequined detailing and authentic fringe that would pass for any traditional flapper. Accompanied by any one of our range of headpieces, cigarette holders, feather boas or dazzling pearls that are carried in store and always in full stock due to their immense popularity, pulling off a modern Daisy Buchanan would be effortless, as well as stunning. Now all you need is a Leo DiCaprio to be your Jay Gatsby”. 


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