Staff Pick of the Week: The Mad Hatter

We have chosen a well-loved character from the classic story of Alice in Wonderland for this week’s Staff Pick of the Week. Read on to see why Amy chose the female mad hatter costume for this week.

Female Mad Hatter

This week the costume I have picked is the female Mad Hatter Costume. It comes with the dress, jacket, thigh highs, glovelettes, hat and bowtie chocker. I chose this costume because the Mad Hatter is a great memory from my childhood. I remember first seeing the goofy mad hatter in Disneys Alice in Wonderland many moons ago. His scene was probably my favorite in the entire movie. Of course we cant forget the remake Tim Burton created that included Johnny Depp. I really liked his portrayal of The Mad Hatter. I think he really tapped into the essence madness with a touch of class. I might be biased praising Johnny Depp but cant we all agree he is just amazing?

I think any girl would love this costume its full of colour, fun and just a hint of madness!

Why not drop in and have a look for yourself ? Take a step into our Wonderland and see all our fun products.


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