Staff Pick of the Week: Darth Vader


This week, the most highly anticipated movie of the year will be released. Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakened will be released on Thursday the 18th of December. The new installment will pick up where the original movies left off. It is expected there will be an introduction of new characters while also some original iconic characters will make a return. Read on to see why we picked our new Darth Vader costume as our staff pick of the week.

“Darth Vader is the main character to the entire plot of the Star Wars stories. if you watch the first six movies in chronological order then you watch him train as a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker before he slowly drifts off to the dark side and becomes Dart Vader. As Darth Vader, he destroys everything in his path until he is sacrafices his own life to save Luke Skywalker who is revealed to be his son. Darth Vader is the most important character in Star Wars story so no Star Wars themed party would be complete without a Dart Vader costume”.

This particular Darth Vader costume includes a black jumpsuit with moulded detail, boot tops, a belt, cape and a mask.


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