Horror Halloween Masks from Fun Place

October is here again which means that Fun Place is full of amazing Halloween stock once again. We currently stock the best range of Horror Halloween masks in Ireland so if you are a big horror movie fan then keep reading to find out more.


Jason from Friday the 13th mask – 5 Euro


Michael Myers from Halloween mask – 40 Euro


Jigsaw from Saw mask – 70 Euro


Chucky from Child’s Play mask – 30 Euro

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Scream Mask – 12 Euro



IT the Clown Costume Accessories from Fun Place

IT the Clown is the stuff of nightmares for most 80’s & 90’s kids after the original’s release. The original was based on a Stephen King novel and it was about an evil clown who labelled himself as an eater of worlds and children. The clown known as Pennywise had an iconic look with his red hair, shard teeth, white makeup and creepy large smile. In 2017, a new and more modern adaptation of IT was released which is sure to make IT the Clown a popular choice for Halloween costumes this year.

Here at Fun Place, we can help you create your own Pennywise costume with our horror invasion white teeth, horror baseball bat, red twisted clown wig and you can opt for either a clown mask or our top quality face paints and make up.

Pop in store any day of the week to our Dublin City shop at 52 South King Street, Dublin 2 (next to the Gaiety Theatre) or shop online anytime on funplace.ie