New Party Games Coming to Fun Place Soon

In late 2017, Cards Against Humanity was stocked for the first time ever at Fun Place. It proved to be a huge hit among our customers so Cards Against Humanity will soon be back in stock in store and online. In 2018, Fun Place plans on growing our range of novelty games and party games. Games such as Cards Against Humanity, Scrawl, Obama Llama and more will be in stock at Fun Place very soon. Keep reading to find out more about our amazing new range of games.

Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity is a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect printed on playing cards. The most hilarious or controversial answer wins every time.

Watch Ellen play her own giant version of Cards Against Humanity. We don’t have the giant version like Ellen (lol, we wish we did) but we plan on stocking the classic version of Cards Against Humanity again very soon.

Obama Llama

According to the Big Potato site, Obama Llama is an odd sounding game wher inside thie box you’ll come across hundreds of weird and wonderful rhyming charades. You’ll come across Tom Cruise in his platform shoes, Piglet eating a twiglet, and of course, Barack Obama riding a llama. It’s your job to describe or act a rhyme, with your team trying to guess as many as they can in 30 seconds time.



Scrawl is a hilarious doodling game.

You start by drawing a loaded phrase (e.g. Monkey Knife Fight) and passing it on. By the time your delightful drawing is interpreted by your friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong.

Then it’s most grins wins.


Bucket of Doom

BOD is a black comedy story-telling game. You’ve got to escape from tons of seriously dodgy situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects. Then it’s best escape plan wins.

You might find you’ve woken up as the back end of a human centipede or inside the belly of a whale, with only a foot-long hotdog and an angry beaver to help you.

BOD is a game for the Macgyver in all of us.


We also be stocking more party games such as First Dates board game, Mr. Lister’s Quiz, Travel Tile game, Qwordie, The Chameleon and Truth Bombs. Keep an eye on our social media and in store to see when these games arrive very soon.



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