Top 5 Lazy but Clever Halloween Costumes

Are you one of those people that dreads having to shop for a Halloween costume every October and would rather make the least amount of effort needed to make a costume so that you could still attend the coolest Halloween parties? If yes to all of that, then this blog post is just for you!

5- Error 404

You know that annoying Error 404 notice you get sometimes while browsing online, well why not become that annoyance for Halloween. It’s possibly one of the easiest costumes you could ever plan on making as all you need is a black sharpie and a white t-shirt. Write “Error 404” on the middle of the shirt and write underneath it “Costume Not Found”.

Take a Sharpie to a plain white tee and you get a 404 Error.

4 – The Ladybug

This costume is a suitable last minute effort for both adults and kids. All you need is some red clothing such as a dress, skirt, top or whatever you prefer and then attach (sew or glue) some circles of black material on to the red clothing. You can then finish off the costume with a pair of antenna.

Stick black dots on a red outfit and you, my friend, are now a ladybug.

3 – Ceiling Fan

No, you don’t have to put together an elaborate costume and hang off the ceiling at every party. You just have to get a white t-shirt and either use a sharpie to draw on the words “Go Ceiling” or even get “Go Ceiling” printed on a t-shirt if you have the time. Your words of support and encouragement for every ceiling at every party you attend is bound to make you a legit ‘Ceiling Fan’.

Another great play on words: ceiling fan.

2 – The Tourist 

Want to look like your new to this part of the world this Halloween and just want to check out the best of everything it has to offer. Well that’s simple, all you need is a t-shirt, sunglasses, a camera and the weirdest looking fannypack you can find. Also looking enthusiastic about everything really adds to the costume.

Add a fanny pack to literally any outfit you already have and you're instantly a tourist.

1 – Bouncers

This costume is perfect for a group of lads who couldn’t really be bothered putting too much effort into a costume. All you need is some black clothing such as black shoes, pants and tshirts. Some sunglasses, mock ear-pieces and stand at some rope at the entrance of every party and you have made the costume complete.

All it takes to be bouncers are black suits, sunglasses, and a rope running between you.


Pick of the Week: Toxic Ivy

It is time for a new staff pick of the week. This week’s pick is the Toxic Ivy costume which is inspired by supervillain Poison Ivy. Check out below why Amy picked this costume as the pick of the week. 

toxic ivy

“This weeks pick of the week has been chosen. I have picked Toxic Ivy. This costume was chosen because it is a replica of Poison Ivy from Batman. The costume is a very reasonable price compared to what you would pay online! Any batman fans will be very impressed with this particular costume. Included is a beautiful two piece outfit. The top is a corset of the emerald green covered in ivy. The bottom half is a short emerald green skirt a shade just a hint darker than the top. You also get green gloves that are elbow length and add a hint of elegance thats attributed with Poison Ivy. Of course the costume would not be complete without the Ivy eyebrows that dominate the top half of your face in a villainess style. All thats left to add yourself would be a beautiful pair of gold shoes. Growing up I always loved Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman. This costume is the essence of her all in one! She was composed, self assured and excuse the language but extremely bad ass! You fans better be quick tho because we only have one in store and we have had a lot of interested people looking at it! I envy the person that buys this amazing costume”.

Also, Poison Ivy is best friends with fellow supervillain Harley Quinn which is another great costume that we have in stock. That’s another idea if you and your bestie are looking for some cool costumes this Halloween.

Best Ever Halloween Costumes from Celebrities

Celebrities have often excelled when it came to Halloween costumes whether they turned up at awards shows or events in the costumes or just shared their Halloween shenanigans on Instagram or Twitter. We have compiled a list below of the best ever Halloween costumes from celebrities. 

Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix) – Mystique 

This is a hardcore Halloween 2014 costume as Jade included a blue bodysuit, blue bodypaint, coloured contact lenses and red wig in her costume and gave Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money with her Mystique transformation.

The Geordie pop star didn’t stop there though as she transformed herself into Napoleon Dynamite all in the same weekend. This was a much simpler costume as you just need to get the right wig, a pair of glasses and a “Vote For Pedro” T-shirt.

Iggy Azaela – White Chicks

Iggy Azaela took a lot of flack during her career for having a slight resemblance to the Wayans Brothers’ characters from the hit comedy White Chicks. The Australian rapper took it all in good humor though as she along with a friend became Brittany and Tiffany Wilson for Halloween 2014. Iggy wore a special effects mask and then went for a double denim look and a pink tshirt along with a pink handbag.

Ellen Degeneres – Nicki Minaj

Ellen is one of the last people in the world you would think could pull off a Nicki Minaj costume but she did exactly that. Ellen had a Minaj-esque wig, coloured contact lenses and completed the look with a black cardigan, leather pants and some fake boobs.

Ellen DeGeneres takes a page from the Nicki Minaj look book.

Heidi Klum – Older Version of Herself

Heidi Klum has created a reputation for herself to be known as queen of Halloween costumes as she has impressed fans, the media and fellow celebs with her costume efforts. Klum sat in hours of make up to create an illusion of her being either skinless or inside out which shocked but impressed onlookers.

Heidi also relied on the powers of make-up and special effects to transform herself into an 80 or 90 year old version of herself. Klum then completed the costume with a grey wig, an old fashioned skirt and top along with some pearls.

Katy Perry – A Cheeto

Most celebrities aim to transform themselves into other celebrities or fictional characters but Katy Perry decided to think outside of the box by becoming a snack – a cheeto. The Pop Queen wore a cheeto costume with some orange underclothing and footwear while she then carried around a bag of cheetos – simple but effective.

Pick of the Week: Prince of Thieves

Prince of Thieves

It’s Monday which means that is it is Pick of the Week time again. This week’s costume has been inspired the story of Robin Hood and old medieval stories. Ezije has explained below why they have chosen this costume for their pick of the week.

“The pick of the week is the Prince of Thieves costume. Included in this costume is the belt, quiver, gloves, boot covers and hooded shirt. I chose this costume because I love Robin hood. I think he is an amazing character to have been created. Everything about him makes you love him more. The costume is so amazing in and out of the packaging. The green and brown that are on the costume give a great camo look to anyone that wants to hide in the forest. The second reason why I chose this costume is probably the more dominant reason. Growing up I played the Legend of Zelda a lot. The main character in it is called Link. He is a young boy who is chosen as the hero of the land. Any gamer will no who he is with a mention of his name. The costume is extremely identical to the hero clothes from the games. That is why I have chosen this as my pick of the week.”

DIY: Make Your Own Social Media Inspired Costumes

Halloween is only a month away and you may not have time to shop for a full costume or you may be struggling to come up with some ideas for what to become on October 31st. If your problem is the latter and you are also a massive fan of using social media then this blog post will be a big help to you. We have found a few ways to become your favourite social media sites this Halloween. These costumes are unique, cost-effective and will definitely be a great conversation topic at a party. 




  • You need a huge amount of cardboard so that you can fit all of the data you need on the front.
  • Cut out a square hole near the top left hand corner. it has to be big enough so you can frame your head in it.
  • Design the rest as you please (either with marker or print outs) with the Facebook logo, About You section, Photos, Status Updates and leave a section blank where people can “write something”.
  • Stick your head in the profile picture hole and carry the cardboard around.

Tip: If you don’t want to carry a piece of cardboard around all night then why not get a big white tshirt and print your Facebook page out on to it. Get people to sign the tshirt at the party on the night and it would make a great keepsake.

facebook 3


The idea of dressing up as a ghost for Halloween is one of the easiest and oldest fancy dress costumes known to man but why not take the traditional ghost costume and upgrade it to fit into the modern world by becomming the Snapchat ghost.

What you need:

  • White solid cardboard and two pieces of yellow card.
  • White Sheet
  • White T-shirt
  • White Pants
  • String/Rope
  • Scissors
  • Double sided Cellotape


  • Use the double sides tape to help stick the two pieces of yellow card to the white solid cardboard.
  • Pierce a hole near each corner so that you have a place to put the string/rope through.
  • Put the string/rope through the holes. Have enough string/rope so that you can place the cardboard on your back like a school bag.
  • Put the white sheet on and the put the yellow background on like a backpack and then you have become the Snapchat ghost!


To make an Instagram costume, you can follow the same instructions as the Facebook costume and you should come up with something like this:

Instagram 1

There’s also another alternative where you can become the Instagram logo with a bit of fashion creativity and arts & crafts.

What You Need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Beige Shirt
  • Materials (cotton or felt) in black, brown, tan, green, blue, red & yellow.
  • Scissors
  • Alphabet Stickers


  • Using the pieces of material re-create the Instagram logo by cutting out pieces of the coloured materials and sticking them on to the beige shirt. Cut them all out before sticking anything on so that you have an idea what it will look like.
  • Stick on the alphabet stickers to say “Instagram” or “#NoFilter” or “Happy Halloween”.

instagram 2

Staff Pick of the Week: Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior Costume

It’s time for another staff pick of the week from Amy at our Fun Place Joke Shop in Dublin. This week’s pick is the incredible Viking Warrior costume. The set includes a cape, belt, helmet, leg warmers, tunic and arm warmers and is exclusively available at Fun Place Dublin now!

Amy explains why this costume has been chosen as this week’s pick by stating the following:

This week I have chosen Viking Warrior. I chose this one because I have this weird obsession with the movie How to Train your Dragon. I am aware that it is a kids movie, but hey its pretty good!! For those strange few who have not seen it, the story is about a young viking boy who does not fit in and finds a dragon, and as the title says he trains it. I love this movie and everything about it! For that reason I chose this costume as it reminds me of the movie. The costume itself is a great buy! Included is the cape, belt, helmet, leg warmers, tunic and arm warmers. Great value for your money. It is a male viking costume but I don’t think years ago the woman would have dressed much differently. It comes in large, XL and standard size. The bonus being if you get it for Halloween you will be nice and toasty!

how to train your dragon

This costume would be ideal not only for How to Train Your Dragon fans but also fans of the hit TV show “Vikings”. Check out a clip of the show below.

This costume is available exclusively at our shop at 52 King Street, Dublin.

Staff Pick of the Week – Tales of Old England High Priestess

Welcome to our first ever Staff Pick of the Week post which will be a permanent weekly feature on our blog from now on. Every week, a different member of staff will select a costume that they really like and explain why they chose it as their pick of the week. Read on to find out what has been selected this week.

This week, it was Amy who chose this week’s staff pick of the week and she selected the Tales of Old England High Priestess costume.

High Priestess costume

Amy said the following about her pick of the week,

“I have chosen Tales of Old England High Priestess Costume. I love history and the olden times of lords and ladies. It also is very similar to Melisandre in Game of Thrones. She is one of my favorite characters in the show. She is so manipulative, graceful and powerful. The costume has a lovely deep red colour and hooded cloak that I think brings out the beauty in the costume. For those reasons I have chosen it and if I had my way I would wear it on Halloween. Not many people would choose this costume because it is quite conservative and that is one reason why I chose it. I like to be different in any way i can”. 

Game of Thrones fans will definitely love this costume and it would be idea for Halloween or even a Game of Thrones themed party.

Welcome To The Fun Place Blog

Fun place inside

Welcome to our first ever blog post on our new blog! 

If you don’t know about Fun Place already, we are a Dublin based shop that offers the best costumes and fancy dress accessories around. We have everything from a wide range of costumes, wigs, hats, make up, accessories, fancy dress contact lenses, face paints and traditional prank jokes.

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