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Top 5 Dublin pride Accessories from Fun Place

Dublin Pride is well underway in and around Dublin City. At Fun Place, we have all of the Dublin Pride Accessories you need to make the most of Pride 2017. Don’t forget to attend the Dublin Pride march which takes place on Saturday the 24th of June.

Check out below which products we would recommend for Dublin Pride 2017:

Image result for rainbow wings funplace.ie

Rainbow wings are now available for 15 Euro – Click Here to Buy Now

Image result for rainbow wings funplace.ie

Long Rainbow Wig is now available for 30 Euro – Click Here to Buy Now

Image result for rainbow braces funplace.ie

Rainbow Braces are now available for 11 Euro – Click Here to Buy Now

Image result for rainbow leg warmers funplace.ie

Rainbow Leg Warmers are now available for 8 Euro – Click Here to Buy Now

Image result for rainbow cape funplace.ie

Rainbow Capes are now in stock for 45 Euro – Click Here to Buy Now

Shop now on funplace.ie and opt for delivery anywhere in Ireland or you can opt for free click & collect at our Dublin shop. There is free delivery on every order over 50 Euro. Find our shop at 52 South King Street, Dublin 2. We are next to the Gaiety Theatre.


Coming Soon: Carnival Masks!!

Carnival season will be on the way in the new year as many will be attending carnival and masquerade themed parties at the beginning of 2017. The Venetian Carnival season in Italy will take place in February 2017 but you don’t have to travel to Italy to get in on the carnival action.

Here at Fun Place Dublin, we will soon be stocking some amazing carnival masks which will be perfect for anyone attending a venetian themed carnival party or even for anyone attending a masquerade themed ball or event.

Take a look at some of our Carnival masks but don’t worry there is plenty more on the way to Fun Place very soon…..

Check out our new Carnival section on our website – Carnival

Image result for fever baroque fantasy eye mask

Image result for fever baroque fantasy eye mask


Image result for venetian naso

5 Reasons you should visit Funplace.ie

Hey fun people, we have a brand new website up and running which is great news for regular customers of Fun Place Dublin. On our website you can order costumes, wigs, masks, professional make-up, practical jokes and even hen and stag party games and accessories. Visit funplace.ie today!

If that’s not enough of a reason to visit our site, here are 5 more – 

Delivery right to your door 

Order from funplace.ie today and you can get the products you have ordered delivered straight to your door by courier. This also means that you can order products from the comfort of your home and enjoy the magic of Fun Place without even leaving the house. All orders over 50 Euro will get free delivery. Delivery is only 5 Euro for all orders under 50 Euro.

Click & Collect

Order the items you want from funplace.ie and opt for click and collect which will save you from having to pay any delivery fees. You can then pop into Fun Place after work or during your shopping trip in Dublin and pick up the items you have ordered.

Register as a loyal customer

Click on to funplace.ie and go to the top of our homepage and register as a customer. This will allow you to save all of your information such as delivery address and contact details so you can get through the checkout quicker. You will also be able to log in and look back at past orders and check current order statuses. If you register as a customer and opt in for the newsletter you will receive exclusive offers and coupon codes to use on our site.

Create Your Own Wishlist

Ever visited an online shop and saw a few items which you must have but you are still waiting for a pay cheque to come in. Well, you won’t have to be saving website links or bookmarking sites as you can just add them to your wishlist and then view them again once you return to the site and log in.

Videos & Tutorials

We have uploaded tutorials on our site to show you how to apply professional or special effects make-up. We also have some awesome classic film clips and movie trailers to show you where our costumes have sourced their inspiration from such as the trailer below.

Best Ever Halloween Costumes from Celebrities

Celebrities have often excelled when it came to Halloween costumes whether they turned up at awards shows or events in the costumes or just shared their Halloween shenanigans on Instagram or Twitter. We have compiled a list below of the best ever Halloween costumes from celebrities. 

Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix) – Mystique 

This is a hardcore Halloween 2014 costume as Jade included a blue bodysuit, blue bodypaint, coloured contact lenses and red wig in her costume and gave Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money with her Mystique transformation.

The Geordie pop star didn’t stop there though as she transformed herself into Napoleon Dynamite all in the same weekend. This was a much simpler costume as you just need to get the right wig, a pair of glasses and a “Vote For Pedro” T-shirt.

Iggy Azaela – White Chicks

Iggy Azaela took a lot of flack during her career for having a slight resemblance to the Wayans Brothers’ characters from the hit comedy White Chicks. The Australian rapper took it all in good humor though as she along with a friend became Brittany and Tiffany Wilson for Halloween 2014. Iggy wore a special effects mask and then went for a double denim look and a pink tshirt along with a pink handbag.

Ellen Degeneres – Nicki Minaj

Ellen is one of the last people in the world you would think could pull off a Nicki Minaj costume but she did exactly that. Ellen had a Minaj-esque wig, coloured contact lenses and completed the look with a black cardigan, leather pants and some fake boobs.

Ellen DeGeneres takes a page from the Nicki Minaj look book.

Heidi Klum – Older Version of Herself

Heidi Klum has created a reputation for herself to be known as queen of Halloween costumes as she has impressed fans, the media and fellow celebs with her costume efforts. Klum sat in hours of make up to create an illusion of her being either skinless or inside out which shocked but impressed onlookers.

Heidi also relied on the powers of make-up and special effects to transform herself into an 80 or 90 year old version of herself. Klum then completed the costume with a grey wig, an old fashioned skirt and top along with some pearls.

Katy Perry – A Cheeto

Most celebrities aim to transform themselves into other celebrities or fictional characters but Katy Perry decided to think outside of the box by becoming a snack – a cheeto. The Pop Queen wore a cheeto costume with some orange underclothing and footwear while she then carried around a bag of cheetos – simple but effective.