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Horror Halloween Masks from Fun Place

October is here again which means that Fun Place is full of amazing Halloween stock once again. We currently stock the best range of Horror Halloween masks in Ireland so if you are a big horror movie fan then keep reading to find out more.


Jason from Friday the 13th mask – 5 Euro


Michael Myers from Halloween mask – 40 Euro


Jigsaw from Saw mask – 70 Euro


Chucky from Child’s Play mask – 30 Euro

th (2)

Scream Mask – 12 Euro



New Horror Themed Halloween Masks now at Fun Place.

Halloween is now only just over a month away so everyone is about to start looking for the ultimate Halloween costumes, masks and accessories. We have fantastic Halloween costumes now in stock but we also stock a massive range of really unique and top quality Halloween masks. Keep reading to find out more about our range of Horror Halloween masks.

Michael Myers Beginning Mask – 40 Euro

If you are a fan of the Halloween series of slasher movies then you will be a big fan of this Michael Myers mask. It is a brilliant replica of the iconic Michael Myers mask and is sure to spook your friends, family and neighbours this Halloween.

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Scream Mask – 12 Euro

Our Scream masks is just like the iconic mask you see in the Scream series of Horror movies. This Halloween, you can look just like the anonymous serial killer who in the scream movies spreads fear and paranoia throughout a small town.

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For 25 Euro or less you can also get any of our possessed teddy bear masks. We have Richard Teddy Bear, Charles Teddy Bear and Snowball in stock now.

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This Halloween we will also have an even bigger range of Horror Halloween masks in stock very soon. We will have Game of Thrones White Walker, Night King and Son of Harpy masks in stock while we will also have The Walking Dead themed masks.

Game Of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

Image result for game of thrones

Game of Thrones amazed fans everywhere after their very successful sixth season which aired earlier this year. Season 7 won’t arrive until Autumn 2017 but that won’t stop fans transforming into their favourite Game of Thrones characters this Halloween.

Game of Thrones costumes and accessories might be difficult to find this Halloween but here at Fun Place in Dublin, we are preparing our Halloween stock and there will be some amazing Game of Thrones themed costumes, wigs and masks available very soon.

Mother of Dragons Wig – 25 Euro – In Stock Now!!

Mother of Dragons Wig

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Become Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi with this Mothe rof Dragon wigs. You would just need to find yourself and iconic Khaleesi gown and some eye catching jewellery and then your costume would be complete.

Game of Thrones Dwarf Wig – 13 Euro – In Stock Now!!

Tyrion Lannister has been a popular character in Game of Thrones since the beginning despite murdering his own father and being a sibling to the despicable Cersei. The mighty Tyrion has pledged his loyalty to dragon queen Khaleesi and is focused on helping her return her family name to the iron throne. Complete your Tyrion Lannister costume with this Game of Thrones Dwarf wig. It is available in one standard size which fits most adults.

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High Priestess Costume – 45 Euro – In Stock Now

Image result for high priestess costume

Melisandre is a controversial character as she caused plenty of talking points throughout the Game of Thrones series from her weird rituals and sacrafices to her magical necklace to even helping bring Jon Snow back to life. The magical Melisandre is always seen in the most fabulous gowns such as the high priestess gown above. You can order this from our site today in sizes small, medium or large.

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Size Small

Size Medium

Size Large

Game of Thrones – White Walker Mask – 70 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

The White Walkers are an ancient race of humanoid ice creatures, who come from the Far North of Westeros. Believed by many to be legends, they have returned and have been seen by several sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch and countless wildlings. Become one of these deadly white walkers with this rubber white walker mask. One size fits most people.

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Game of Thrones – The Night King – 70 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

The Night King is probably the most terrifying Game of Thrones character that has appeared in the series so far. You can become the terrifying Night King by purchasing the Night King mask from Fun Place once it is officially in stock in late September 2016.

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Game of Thrones – Son of Harpy Mask – 90 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

Join the Sons of the Harpy which is the name of a resistance group of Ghiscari from the city of Meereen. They are suspected of belong to noble Meereenese families who oppose Daenerys Targaryen and her occupation of their city. You can become part of this anonymous group by ordering this high quality son of harpy mask.

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Ireland’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2015

The most popular Halloween costumes this year are being massively influenced by movies and comic books this year. If you are unsure about what costume you may opt for this weekend or are you trying to have a unique costume by avoiding being cliche with your costume. Either way, this is definitely the blog post for you.

5 РBatman 

Batman is in fifth place this year and has possibly grown in popularity due to the anticipation of the release of both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016. The Batman costume is iconic as the all black costume is known all over the world. We have a Deluxe Batman costume available at Fun Place now.

batman costume 2

4 – Pirate

Pirates are always popular every Halloween but in recent years they have been increasingly popular due to the massive success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp is massively popular the last few years. Here at Fun Place, we have great Pirate accessories to help you put your Pirate costume together.

3 – Superhero

Superhero costumes keep growing in popularity thanks to the huge amount of fans The Avengers movies and TV shows such as Flash, Supergirl and Arrow. We have incredible Superman and Supergirl costumes available now.

Superman costume 2


2 – Star Wars

Star wars was always going to be near the top of the pile this Halloween thanks to the new Star Wars film being released in December 2015. The highly anticipated movie has made Star Wars costumes, accessories and merchandise massively popular this Halloween and Christmas. We have Star Wars costumes and masks available at Fun Place.


Stormtrooper costumes 2

1 – Harley Quinn

Once the Suicide Squad trailer was released this summer, Harley Quinn has become a massive hit among movie fans and comic book readers. The once girlfriend of The Joker and best friend of Poison Ivy is going to be one of the most popular characters in Hollywood in 2016. Expect massive things from the Suicide Squad movie next year. The great thing about Harley Quinn costume is you can become the traditional Harley Quinn or opt for her new Suicide Squad look. We have a deluxe Harley Quinn costume available at Fun Place now.

Harley Quinn

Staff Pick of the Week: Michael Myers from Halloween

This week’s Staff Pick of the Week is the Michael Myers costume. It’s less than two weeks until Halloween so what better costume to pick than one of a crazed serial killer. It has everything you need in a Halloween costume this year! Check out below why Amy picked this costume as this week’s staff pick of the week.

Mike Myers

“The pick of the week has been chosen as Michael Myers from Halloween. I cant think of a better costume to pick this close to his favorite day! For me growing up it was a ritual done every year to watch the Halloween movies on Marathon close to Halloween. He is a warped serial killer and super creepy, you cant help but get a pang of horror when the music played and he came on the tv. Am I the only person who shouts at the people on the screen to run away from him and not into attics or basements? The costume itself does him great justice. Included is his mask, knife and his famous boilersuit. Sizes include medium and large. We also sell his knife and mask on their own. The mask itself is enough to scare even the hardiest of men! This movie has sewn itself into history as one of the creepiest, goriest and frankly one of the ¬†greatest movies of our time. It would be a sin to not have a few Michael Myers walking around this Halloween. You better be quick tho, he is proving to be popular in the shop and we wont have many left the closer to Halloween we get!”

Check out the trailer below of the original Halloween movie from 1978.

Top 5 Lazy but Clever Halloween Costumes

Are you one of those people that dreads having to shop for a Halloween costume every October and would rather make the least amount of effort needed to make a costume so that you could still attend the coolest Halloween parties? If yes to all of that, then this blog post is just for you!

5- Error 404

You know that annoying Error 404 notice you get sometimes while browsing online, well why not become that annoyance for Halloween. It’s possibly one of the easiest costumes you could ever plan on making as all you need is a black sharpie and a white t-shirt. Write “Error 404” on the middle of the shirt and write underneath it “Costume Not Found”.

Take a Sharpie to a plain white tee and you get a 404 Error.

4 – The Ladybug

This costume is a suitable last minute effort for both adults and kids. All you need is some red clothing such as a dress, skirt, top or whatever you prefer and then attach (sew or glue) some circles of black material on to the red clothing. You can then finish off the costume with a pair of antenna.

Stick black dots on a red outfit and you, my friend, are now a ladybug.

3 – Ceiling Fan

No, you don’t have to put together an elaborate costume and hang off the ceiling at every party. You just have to get a white t-shirt and either use a sharpie to draw on the words “Go Ceiling” or even get “Go Ceiling” printed on a t-shirt if you have the time. Your words of support and encouragement for every ceiling at every party you attend is bound to make you a legit ‘Ceiling Fan’.

Another great play on words: ceiling fan.

2 РThe Tourist 

Want to look like your new to this part of the world this Halloween and just want to check out the best of everything it has to offer. Well that’s simple, all you need is a t-shirt, sunglasses, a camera and the weirdest looking fannypack you can find. Also looking enthusiastic about everything really adds to the costume.

Add a fanny pack to literally any outfit you already have and you're instantly a tourist.

1 – Bouncers

This costume is perfect for a group of lads who couldn’t really be bothered putting too much effort into a costume. All you need is some black clothing such as black shoes, pants and tshirts. Some sunglasses, mock ear-pieces and stand at some rope at the entrance of every party and you have made the costume complete.

All it takes to be bouncers are black suits, sunglasses, and a rope running between you.