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The Joker Costumes to Arrive at Fun Place very soon!

Suicide Squad turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the world of cinema which has in no doubt made Harley Quinn and The Joker costumes the most popular choices for 2016. We have a massive range of wigs, tights, make up and accessories to help you transform into Harley Quinn while our make up range would also be amazing when it comes to creating your own Joker costume.

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Although, we have just introduced this brand new Joker costume kit to our Superhero & Super Villain range and it is bound to be hugely popular among Suicide Squad fans. It includes the top to help you show off Mr. J’s tattoos, the wig to create the Joker’s iconic haircut and some make-up so you can complete the Joker’s frightening look.

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Staff Pick of the Week: Harley Quinn

It’s Monday, which means that is time for another Staff Pick of the Week. Last week, we saw the release of the first official trailer of the highly anticipated movie Suicide Squad. The trailer finally showed us a glimpse of what we can expect from the film when it is released in August. We have chosen the Harley Quinn costume because she is going to be one of the key characters in the new superhero/supervillian action movie. This evil and quirky character will be portrayed by the brilliant Margot Robbie. 


Our Harley Quinn costume is based more on the classic Harley Quinn look from the comic books and cartoons rather than the one from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. This costume comes with a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, collar, headpiece, eyemask and gloves. This costume is unique and we are one of the only shops in Ireland to have it in stock. Call into Fun Place today to get your own Harley Quinn costume.