Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman Costumes

One of the most anticipated movies of 2016 will hit cinemas this week and we have all of the Dawn of Justice costumes to keep superhero fans happy. Watch the trailer for the movie below and keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the costumes.




Our Batman Dawn of Justice costume’s design is based on the design of the costume that Ben Affleck wears in the movie. It includes the jumpsuit, cape and mask so all you need to complete the costume is some black boots. Call into Fun Place today or visit or site and get this costume for 70 Euro.


Superman is seen as a symbol of hope to some and a dangerous alien force to others in the city of Metropolis which leaves many undecided if he is a friend or a foe. Our Superman Dawn of Justice costume is based on the costume that Henry Cavill wears in the movie. The product includes the jumpsuit and the cape. Get your Superman costume in store or online at Fun Place today for 70 Euro.

Wonder Woman


Batman and Superman are joined by Diana of Themyscira in the Dawn of Justice. Diana of Themyscira is better known as Wonder Woman and she is a warrior princess of the Amazon who is gifted with superhuman powers as well as superior combat and fighting skills. Our Wonder Woman costume is based on the costume that actress Gal Gadot wears in the movie and it includes the dress, leggings, headpiece and arm bands. Our Wonder Woman costume is available in store and online today for 70 Euro.








1916 Irish Volunteer Uniforms

There will be plenty of events taking place across Ireland this year as we all make tribute to the 100th anniversary of the events of 1916.
In 1916, many brave Irish men and women volunteered to fight against British rule in Ireland and took part in a historic time in Irish history. Their brave actions were a huge step towards freedom for Ireland and led to the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922 and, ultimately, the formal declaration of Irish as a Republic in 1949.

Here at Fun Place, Dublin with the help of the historians from Glasnevin we have introduced 1916 Irish Volunteer Uniforms to our store as a tribute to those brave men and women.

The uniforms design is adaptable to many historic events in Irish history as they can also can be adopted to the War of Independence and right into 1922 which we know will also be celebrated in the years to come.
Order a uniform today on our site or in store and the uniforms will be dispatched on the 23rd of March 2016.

The male uniform includes the jacket, trousers, hat and belt while the female uniform includes the jacket, skirt, hat and belt. Each uniform is priced at €50.