Everything You Need to Know About our Captain America & Iron Man Costumes

Captain America: Civil War hits Irish cinemas this Friday to the delight of many superhero and comic book fans. According to the trailers, Captain America is expected to take on his fellow Avengers such as Iron Man and Black Widow in an attempt to protect an old friend. Check out some of the costumes we have in store and online in celebration of the release of the Marvel blockbuster.

Captain America


Our Captain America costume includes a printed jumpsuit and a snood. The tiniest of details in the costume are designed to look just like the classic Captain America costume. The costume is available in a standard size and an extra large size in store and on our site. Get your own Captain America costume now for 65 euro.

Iron Man


Our Iron Man costume includes the jumpsuit and the mask. It is mainly red with some gold and white colours to make it look just like the classic Iron Man suit. This costume is available in one standard size which fits most sizes. Order your own Iron Man costume today in store or online for 65 Euro.