Staff Pick of the Week: Big Bad Granny

Every year, our neighbours – The Gaiety Theatre put put on an incredible panto around this time of year. This year’s panto is Little Red Riding Hood so that is why this week’s staff pick of the week is the Big Bad Granny costume. Read why Amy recommends this costume.

palmer granny wolf

“This weeks blog of the week costume is Big Bad Granny Wolf. I have chosen this costume because of the show on at the minute in the Gaiety Theatre, Little Red Riding Hood. Included in this costume is a long nightgown with attached fur cuffs and an attached tail. You also get a wolf mask with an attached mop hat. This costume is a great piece for anyone attending the show or who loves to dress up in fairytale costumes. The costume is a “one size fits most”. Pop in today and have a look at our fabulous item. Be quick as we only have a few left in stock”.



Christmas Costume of the Week – Santa Suit

santa plush suit

Christmas is now just over a week away so we have opted to share with you our favourite Christmas costume which is now available at Fun Place. This plush Santa suit is perfect for any Christmas party or for surprising the kids in the lead up to Christmas day. Read on to find out why it has been selected as one of our favourite Christmas costumes.

“This week we have picked Regency Plush Santa Suit. In just over a week the jolly old man is coming to homes everywhere. I think this is a great costume for anybody who wishes to dress like the main man himself! It comes in a size xxl and plus. Included is a jacket with inside pocket, faux rabbit fur trim, zipper front closure and belt loops, trousers with pockets, hat, belt and boot tops! Everything you can think of is included in this fantastic costume! Why not pop in and have a look for yourself, try it on and see how it appeals to you! Those of you in the need of a bit of christmas spirit, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We also have santa glasses and a brass bell in store. Hope to see you all soon!”



Staff Pick of the Week: Darth Vader


This week, the most highly anticipated movie of the year will be released. Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakened will be released on Thursday the 18th of December. The new installment will pick up where the original movies left off. It is expected there will be an introduction of new characters while also some original iconic characters will make a return. Read on to see why we picked our new Darth Vader costume as our staff pick of the week.

“Darth Vader is the main character to the entire plot of the Star Wars stories. if you watch the first six movies in chronological order then you watch him train as a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker before he slowly drifts off to the dark side and becomes Dart Vader. As Darth Vader, he destroys everything in his path until he is sacrafices his own life to save Luke Skywalker who is revealed to be his son. Darth Vader is the most important character in Star Wars story so no Star Wars themed party would be complete without a Dart Vader costume”.

This particular Darth Vader costume includes a black jumpsuit with moulded detail, boot tops, a belt, cape and a mask.

Staff Pick of the Week – Elf Costume

Elf child


It’s only 18 days until Christmas so we have decided to make this week’s staff pick of the week a Christmas costume. It is the kids’ Elf costume. If you already love this costume, then you better get to Fun Place quick as they are in high demand. Read below why Amy chose this as this week’s Staff Pick of the week.

“This weeks costume for the blog has been chosen. It is childrens Elf Costume. It comes in a size small, medium and large. The costume has a red tunic top with green cuffs and a green neckline. It has a brown belt and a red and green hat with green trousers. Any child who is a fan of the movie “Elf” will be happy with this outfit. We also have Elf costumes in the shop for girls. Even better is that this costume comes in an adult size! If your child is in a school play or just wants it for fun, why not pop in and get one! Better be quick tho because they are running out fast!”