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Paddy’s Day Costumes & Accessories

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun annual holiday that celebrates everything Irish and in 2017 Paddy’s Day falls on a Friday which means that there will be plenty of partying, celebrating and festivities on Paddy’s Day long weekend. Here at Fun Place, we have some excellent Paddy’s Day costumes, wigs, hats, face paints and more accessories to help you have fun at the parade or to help you party the night away.

Leprechaun Costumes:

Every year, Fun Place stock leprechaun costumes in our Paddy’s Day range. Our leprechaun costume for Smiffys is currently a steal at only 50 euro and it includes a jumpsuit, jacket, hat and ginger beard.It is currently available in one standard adult size which will fit most adults. This costume would be perfect for attending the parade, any Paddy’s Day celebrations and it would even be a fun costume idea if you are planning on attending Cheltenham this year.26148

Ladies St Patrick’s Day Costume:

Ladies, we also have some fun St Patrick’s Day Costumes for you if you are looking for something a bit more sexy. We would recommend our Fever St. Patrick’s Day Dress Costume as it is perfect for a Paddy’s Day night out on the town. The costume includes green dress, hat, bow tie and panties. All for 40 euro is a great deal so buy yours today while stocks last. We currently only have this costume available in UK size 8-10.


Paddy’s Day Accessories:

Fun Place is the #1 shop in Dublin for party accessories and our Paddy’s Day accessory range is perfect for any occasion on the 17th of March. We have green top hats (10 euro), leprechaun hats (10 euro), green tights (6 euro) and green face paints (5 euro).

Image result for green top hats bristol novelty 25241

Novelty Party Costumes:

Fun Place also stocks a fun range of novelty costumes for men and women such as our all in one beer bottle costume (30 euro), Paddy’s draught costume (30 euro), pint of beer costume (35 euro).



We currently also stock a Mrs. Brown’s Boys costume for 70 euro and it includes the dress, cardigan, wig, glasses, handkerchief and mole so you can transform into the hilarious Agnes. 27076-190x190


New Year’s at Fun Place

New Years Eve is a fun time to celebrate the end of a busy year and the beginning of a new exciting year. We have a brilliant selection of fun costumes and accessories for New Years Eve parties so start ordering now. So welcome 2017 with an epic party with fun costumes & accessories from Fun Place Dublin.


We have fun accessories for a New Year’s eve party such as fun top hats, boas and more.

Image result for top hats Image result for boas

Themed parties are also popular for NYE so we stock costumes and accessories for a huge amount of themes such as Flapper, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, Hollywood, Superheros, Wild Wild West, Pirates and more.

Flapper Costumes & Accessories

Image result for boas Image result for boas

Themed Costumes

Image result for 60'sImage result for superheroesImage result for badaboom


Carnival Masks

Masquerade and Carnival themed masks are now in stock so you will be able to create the ultimate costume for the masquerade ball or carnival themed New Year’s Eve party.

Image result for masquerade masks

Register a Party 

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Christmas Costumes on

Christmas is now only a few weeks ago so there will be plenty of Christmas parties, events & festivities happening around the country very soon. Many of these events may require you to take party in fancy dress but don’t worry as we have a brilliant range of Christmas themed costumes and accessories on now.

These costumes & accessories are not available to buy in store. They can only be ordered on our online shop and then your order will be delivered to you in 5 business days.

Check out some of the Christmas costumes you can order from our site now:

Santa Costumes

Elf Costumes

Ladies Christmas Costumes

Christmas  Costume Accessories

The Joker Costumes to Arrive at Fun Place very soon!

Suicide Squad turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the world of cinema which has in no doubt made Harley Quinn and The Joker costumes the most popular choices for 2016. We have a massive range of wigs, tights, make up and accessories to help you transform into Harley Quinn while our make up range would also be amazing when it comes to creating your own Joker costume.

Image result for the joker suicide squad

Although, we have just introduced this brand new Joker costume kit to our Superhero & Super Villain range and it is bound to be hugely popular among Suicide Squad fans. It includes the top to help you show off Mr. J’s tattoos, the wig to create the Joker’s iconic haircut and some make-up so you can complete the Joker’s frightening look.

Image result for joker costume kit

New Kids Halloween Costumes at Fun Place Now!!

Halloween is now just 1 month away and we are as busy as ever as we are adding new Halloween stock in store and online every day. We have a brilliant range of Halloween costumes, masks, wigs, make up and accessories available now. Fun Place is known to have unique Halloween costumes but this year we will be stocking more Halloween costumes for kids. Keep reading to find out which kids’ Halloween costumes we have in stock now.

Cute Toddler Halloween Costumes will now be stocking adorable toddler costumesuch as these lil devil, lil monster and lil drac costumes. Buy one now for only 20 Euro.

Girls Halloween Costumes

We have girls Halloween costumes in stock now also such as these Gauze Ghost Child costumes and this trendy Alice in Wonderland costume. We also have Monster Bride and Frankies Bride costumes in stock. All of these costumes are priced between 20-35 Euro. Order one now.

Boys’ Halloween Costumes

In our boys’ section, we have a brilliant range of ninja and clown costumes for only 35 euro each. There is also zombie, grim reaper and scream costumes available to order now for as little as 15-25 euro.

Mad Creeper Costumes

Fun Place stocks quirky mad creeper costumes such as these dead walker mad creeper and reaper mad creeper costumes. Now only 25 euro so order one today.

New to Fun Place – Deadpool Costume

Deadpool Costumes will be available in store at Fun Place Dublin and on in late September 2016.

Deadpool premiered in Paris on February 8, 2016, and was released on February 12 in the United States. The film was a massive blockbuster success, grossing over $782 million worldwide and breaking numerous box office records, including becoming the 7th highest grossing film of 2016 and the highest-grossing R-rated film worldwide and X-Men film of all time; it also received generally positive reviews, with many praising its style, dark humor, the cast performances, especially Reynolds’, dialogue as well as its action sequences. Shortly after its success, a sequel was given the go ahead by Fox.

The costume is a replica of the costume worn by Ryan Reynolds in the hot movie Deadpool. The costume includes a bibre-filled muscle chest jumpsuit and mask. Weapons and backpack available separately. The costume is red & black in colour. Our Deadpool costumes will be available in two different size which are standard (will fit sizes small, medium & large) and extra large.


Game Of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

Image result for game of thrones

Game of Thrones amazed fans everywhere after their very successful sixth season which aired earlier this year. Season 7 won’t arrive until Autumn 2017 but that won’t stop fans transforming into their favourite Game of Thrones characters this Halloween.

Game of Thrones costumes and accessories might be difficult to find this Halloween but here at Fun Place in Dublin, we are preparing our Halloween stock and there will be some amazing Game of Thrones themed costumes, wigs and masks available very soon.

Mother of Dragons Wig – 25 Euro – In Stock Now!!

Mother of Dragons Wig

Order Now

Become Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi with this Mothe rof Dragon wigs. You would just need to find yourself and iconic Khaleesi gown and some eye catching jewellery and then your costume would be complete.

Game of Thrones Dwarf Wig – 13 Euro – In Stock Now!!

Tyrion Lannister has been a popular character in Game of Thrones since the beginning despite murdering his own father and being a sibling to the despicable Cersei. The mighty Tyrion has pledged his loyalty to dragon queen Khaleesi and is focused on helping her return her family name to the iron throne. Complete your Tyrion Lannister costume with this Game of Thrones Dwarf wig. It is available in one standard size which fits most adults.

Order Now

High Priestess Costume – 45 Euro – In Stock Now

Image result for high priestess costume

Melisandre is a controversial character as she caused plenty of talking points throughout the Game of Thrones series from her weird rituals and sacrafices to her magical necklace to even helping bring Jon Snow back to life. The magical Melisandre is always seen in the most fabulous gowns such as the high priestess gown above. You can order this from our site today in sizes small, medium or large.

Order now:

Size Small

Size Medium

Size Large

Game of Thrones – White Walker Mask – 70 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

The White Walkers are an ancient race of humanoid ice creatures, who come from the Far North of Westeros. Believed by many to be legends, they have returned and have been seen by several sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch and countless wildlings. Become one of these deadly white walkers with this rubber white walker mask. One size fits most people.

View on our site

Game of Thrones – The Night King – 70 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

The Night King is probably the most terrifying Game of Thrones character that has appeared in the series so far. You can become the terrifying Night King by purchasing the Night King mask from Fun Place once it is officially in stock in late September 2016.

View on our site

Game of Thrones – Son of Harpy Mask – 90 Euro – Coming this September to Fun Place

Join the Sons of the Harpy which is the name of a resistance group of Ghiscari from the city of Meereen. They are suspected of belong to noble Meereenese families who oppose Daenerys Targaryen and her occupation of their city. You can become part of this anonymous group by ordering this high quality son of harpy mask.

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Find Out More About Our Ghostbusters Costumes

The new Ghostbusters movie was released last week and it stars funny ladies Michelle McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The massively popular comedy has done very well in the box office within it’s first week according to reports.

“As of July 17, 2016, Ghostbusters has grossed $46 million in North America and $19.1 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $65.1 million, against a budget of $144 million. In the United States and Canada, Sony initially projected Ghostbusters to gross $30 million in its opening weekend. However, following positive reviews and an effective marketing campaign, the studio raised their projection to somewhere around $40 million while still remaining conservative. Most industry projections had the film opening between $40–50 million. The film opened Friday, July 15, across 3,963 theaters, earning $17.2 million on its first day”.

At Fun Place, we have a Ghostbusters themed costume. It includes a standard size jumpsuit and the inflatable backpack.

Find Out More About Our Opposuits!!

Looking for a fun and quirky outfit for an upcoming themed event or stag party? Well, we have just introduced Opposuits to Fun Place so we have an outfit to “suit” every event. Find out more by checking out the clip below and reading the info we have for you in this post. Call in store today to get your opposuit or order them directly from our website – Shop for Opposuits now!



Image result for cannaboss suit

This weed suit is dope. Simple as that. OppoSuits is bringing you to higher grounds with this joint venture between fashion and marijuana. Suitable for both recreational and medicinal use. We currently have this suit available in 3 different sizes so call in to Fun Place today & find the perfect cannaboss suit for you. You can also order these suits on our site today.

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Image result for cashanova suit

Money doesn’t make you happy, but the Cashanova will. This suit is affordable yet priceless. Wear it and let other people know that you are worth it. It’s all about the Benjamins! We currently have this suit available in 3 different sizes so call in to Fun Place today & find the perfect cannaboss suit for you. You can also order these suits on our site today.

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BOOOM!! This suit is the bomb! Other words just doesn’t do it justice. Badaboom is perfect for that bit of comic relief at your next formal black tie event. This suit would also be a great gift for a comic book fan. We currently have this suit available in 3 different sizes so call in to Fun Place today & find the perfect cannaboss suit for you. You can also order these suits on our site today.

Order Now

USA Stars & Stripes

This suit is perfect for supporting the USA in any upcoming sporting events or for celebrating July 4th. You may even want to show off your stars & stripes during the upcoming presidential election. This suit is available online & in store in sizes medium, large & extra large.

Only 1 left in stock so order now

Summer Testival

Image result for summer testival suit

Whoever is thinking in black and white should close their eyes now. This recognisable retro-chique OppoSuits specimen will change you in a colourful eye catcher. Useful for a party or festival, but even better whilst on the couch with your mum and dad.
 We currently have this suit available in 2 different sizes so call in to Fun Place today & find the perfect cannaboss suit for you. You can also order these suits on our site today.


St Patrick’s Day Clover Suit

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day cities turn green, beer flow like wine and the world is a little bit Irish. Thanks to OppoSuits you can be as well. Just put Patrick on your shoulders and let the Irish magic happen. We currently have this suit available in 2 different sizes so call in to Fun Place today & find the perfect cannaboss suit for you. You can also order these suits on our site today.


Everything You Need to Know About our Captain America & Iron Man Costumes

Captain America: Civil War hits Irish cinemas this Friday to the delight of many superhero and comic book fans. According to the trailers, Captain America is expected to take on his fellow Avengers such as Iron Man and Black Widow in an attempt to protect an old friend. Check out some of the costumes we have in store and online in celebration of the release of the Marvel blockbuster.

Captain America


Our Captain America costume includes a printed jumpsuit and a snood. The tiniest of details in the costume are designed to look just like the classic Captain America costume. The costume is available in a standard size and an extra large size in store and on our site. Get your own Captain America costume now for 65 euro.

Iron Man


Our Iron Man costume includes the jumpsuit and the mask. It is mainly red with some gold and white colours to make it look just like the classic Iron Man suit. This costume is available in one standard size which fits most sizes. Order your own Iron Man costume today in store or online for 65 Euro.